EcoTech Visions is hosting our 3rd Annual #Localis Digital Conference on November 17, 2016!  #Localis is a fun, digital conference taking place on social media that focuses on the meaning and impact of living locally and supporting local green businesses.

We can make a significant difference by engaging in real-time conversations about what #Localis means to you.  The event will also include a live scavenger hunt with clues given over social media.  The luncheon begins at 11:30am at 6838 NW 18th Ave, Miami, FL 33147 immediately followed by the scavenger hunt which will guide teams to discover exciting new locations throughout Miami that are defining the future of sustainability.  Follow #Localis from 12pm to 2pm

for all the clues!


November 17, 2016


Solar Power

  • Daren Goldin, Goldin Solar, @GoldinSolar
  • Ledger Kellier, ilumenFi, @wifistreetlight
  • Justin Knight, EcoTech Visions, @ecotechvisions


Renewable Energy Technology

  • Michelle Dow, Allied Steel Buildings, @alliedbuildings
  • Dr. Pandwe Gibson, EcoTech Visions, @ecotechvisions
  • Laura Mahaney, REcollect Energy, @REcollectEnergy


How the Not-for-Profit Sector is Advancing Local Change

  • Victoria Fear, The Miami Foundation, @vlfear
  • Valencia Gunder, Make The Homeless Smile, @VEE_MTHS
  • Michael Heithaus, FIU Dean of College of Arts Sciences and Education, @mikeheithaus
  • Ernie Hsiung, Code For Miami, @CodeForMiami
  • Andrew West, National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization, @awestechchief


Blue Collar to Green Collar

  • Michael Caballero, Earthware Inc., @earthwareinc
  • Michael Hall, Digital Grass, @digigrass
  • Scott Hendler, SWWC MIA, @SWWCmia
  • Monica Ochaney, The Seabin Project, @3_S_E
  • Jesse Rittenhouse, Recycling Energy Forum, @JPRitten

12AM – 2PM

Scavenger Hunt sponsored by FIU Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP


Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses/How to Buy Locally

  • Jen Boynton, Triple Pundit, @jenboynton
  • Gustavo Hermida, Restored Digital Solutions, @RDSGustavo
  • Jerome Hutchinson, Jr., ICABA, @icabaworld
  • Eric Knowles, Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, @MDadeCC
  • Andre’ Williams, Law Office of Andre’ Williams, @williams4mg


How Social Impact Organizations are Good for Business and the Earth

  • Meg Daly, The Underline, @theunderlinemia
  • John Dennison, PeaceOptions, @johndennison
  • Diane Egner, 83 Degrees Media, @83degreesmedia
  • Kamalah Fletcher, American Red Cross South Florida, @thelotusgarden
  • Matt Haggman, Knight Foundation, @matthaggman


Solving for Sea Level Rise

  • Angela Colbert, Frost Science Museum, @PPFMoS
  • Katherine Hagemann, Miami-Dade County Office of Resilience, @bluegreenmiami
  • Susan Jacobson, FIU School of Journalism and Mass Communication, @FIU_SJMC
  • Caroline Lewis, The CLEO Institute, @CLEOInstitute
  • Zac Taylor, 83 Degrees Media, @83degreesmedia
  • Galen Treuer, University of Miami, @galentreuer


How to Make an Impact with Water Conservation

  • Wifi Fernandez, Innovation & Economic Development at Florida International University // Co-Founder of The LAB Miami, @therealwifi
  • Julio Herrera-Estrada, Princeton Environmental Engineering/Policy: HighWire, @highwireearth
  • James Jiler, Urban Greenworks, @UrbanGreenWorks
  • Paul Pereira, Fantastic Oceans, @FantasticOceans
  • Jonathan Taylor, Andromeda District, @AndromedaDistrict


A Healthier You: What is the Impact of Eco-Sustainability on Health

  • Dr. Luther Brewster, FIU Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP, @GFFNHELP
  • Elizabeth Garcia, Elizabeth’s Secret Beauty Bar, @secretbeautybar
  • Ashley Pilipszyn, Universite de Geneve, @apilipis


Tips for “Glean” Living

  • Ady Arguelles, Florida International University, @arguellesady
  • Joycelyn Brown, Brown Intellectual Property Law Firm, P.A., @brown_ip
  • Jean Cheldina, Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL), @soilhaiti
  • Nancy Vaughn, White Book Agency, @whitebookagency