Everyone benefits from public greenways- children, neighbors, communities, local businesses and even planet earth. But while greenery is plentiful in some communities, it is harder to find in others- to the detriment of everyone.

It is good practice to encourage and actively develop public greenways, particularly in underserved communities. In pursuit of healthier lives and healthier living, EcoTech Visions is proud to launch the Greenways Initiative, designed to increase public greenways in communities lacking in green infrastructure.

Our initial green target is in Liberty City, more specifically, the inner-city on 18th Avenue and the surrounding tributaries. Why Liberty City? Just take a look at the maps below: These images come directly from Google Maps and are not photoshopped or doctored in any way. The noticeable loss of greenery below Liberty City has psychological, commercial, health and environmental impacts.

The Greenway Initiative will green Liberty City in an effort to improve the aesthetics, ecology, economy and sense of community in the area by planting trees and shrubs, sodding grass and growing flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables right in Liberty City.

The Greenway Initiative has three phases

Community Outreach

 Talk to each and every neighbor in the target area about what they would like to see and how they can green their community. This outreach will include one-on-one sessions, small group discussions among neighbors and community partners and training sessions on how to plant and grow trees, flowers and even food.


Organizing volunteers and partner organizations to support neighbors in greening their community. Bringing in resources- such as budding trees, specific plants, soil and mulch- and participating in the physical greening of the streets as a community project.


Returning for regular maintenance of the new greens, providing technical support and participating in community decorating, including Halloween, Christmas and other holidays. The Greenways Initiative is the ambitious project that does it’s work just one street at the time. We are asking for your financial support to help make this Green Dream a reality.


Triple the number of trees, shrubs and gardens in the target area in twelve (12) months.


Trees, shrubs and grass. Colors. Flowers and other colorful plants. Food. Fruit trees and vegetables in individual and community gardens. Rain catchers. Plastic barrels to capture rainwater and for children’s painting activities.


Compost reduces waste and converts discarded foods into useable materials for growing plants and food.


Substantial upgrade in the aesthetics of the community

Sense of community developed by planning and implementing the project. Enhanced environment for local economy and businesses.