Aug 27

An Overview Of SEO

There are a lot of acronyms used in technical language, particularly when it comes to marketing online through social media, websites, and other forms of online advertising. While it is good to know what PPC (Pay Per Click) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) stands for, it is vital to have... read more →
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The Future Of EcoTech Visions

Now in its largest location in the Miami area, EcoTech Visions has found a permanent home. This unique green business incubator and makers space is the cumulation of years of hard work and focus by founder and president, Pandwe Gibson. Located in the Green Corridor in Miami and offering... read more →
Aug 14

Why A Business Incubator?

When Pandwe Gibson first came to Miami, she began promoting her idea for a green business incubator located in the city. Her goals were to create an all in one space for small businesses and entrepreneurs to transition from typical types of production and services into green, environmentally friendly... read more →
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The Career Of Pandwe A. Gibson

The Career Of Pandwe A. Gibson

There are some people that seem to have a gift for identifying a problem and then creating a solution that not only fixes the issue, but that provides real, significant improvement. Pandwe A. Gibson is one of these people. Dr. Gibson has been an innovator both in her role as... read more →
Jul 18

Solar Energy In The Use Of Food Production

At EcoTech Visions, we work with several entrepreneurs and small business moving from traditional models of food production to highly innovative and sustainable types of production. Our Farmtech businesses look to maximize the use of naturally occurring conditions, limiting the use of energy, chemicals, or other types of products that... read more →
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What’s an Ecopreneur?

Ecopreneurs are entrepreneurs who have committed their businesses to being “green”. They have business concerns like every entrepreneur. But their priorities are different and expanded. Ecopreneurs care about Planet, People and Profit in that order. They create green businesses that operate sustainably, ensuring they don’t contribute to environmental problems and... read more →
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EcoTech Launches 2017 Cohorts

Underground silos are built to launch Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles – three African American women served as the brains that assisted NASA in launching John Glen into orbit and on January 18th Dr. Pandwe Gibson launched her Eco Tech Visions 2017 business incubator to create an ecosystem to help sustain the... read more →
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Why Coding is Important

This week is Computer Science Education Week (CSE Week), which is an annual program dedicated to inspiring students to take an interest in computer science. Computer science and coding are vital in the digital age. Everyday items we use such as computers, phones, calculators and microwaves rely on code to... read more →
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