Aeolus is an electronic motorcycle company that retrofits motorcycles by converting them into “all electric” for a smaller carbon footprint at an affordable price.

Andromeda District is a company that specializes in living walls with the sole intent to promote harmony between human habitation and the natural world through our sustainable green living designs and products.


Vert Miami Inc is a culinary incubator & accelerator that is designed to assist chefs and startups in getting their products and businesses market ready.

Earthware is revolutionizing the plastics industry by providing cups, cutlery, and containers for a better earth, by using bio-polymers with a potato and corn base that are safer on the health of humans and better for the environment.


Culito de Rana provides an all natural aloe-based salve that is great for topical applications to soothe sun burns and prevent mosquito bites when outdoors.

Design Lab Miami creates original and wearable pieces with natural and recyclable materials and teaches enthusiastic students from age 6 to 96 how to be creative and make their own fashionable designs.


Elizabeth’s Secret Beauty Bar is an all natural mobile spa and beauty for men and women. Her famous creation, the chocolate mask, is great for facials and pedicures, pampering each of her clients’ bodies to a healthy rejuvenation every time.


Fruit of Life Organics is a company that builds aquaponics systems that focuses on the creativity and innovation with the living planet, by providing the owner of one of these systems with an edible organic garden at all times.


Geeks Global provides IT solutions for small businesses and residential clients.

Precision Barber Club is a full service club in men’s hair care, grooming and men’s spa services. They produce their own skincare line that helps to enhance their clients’ experience.

Inner City Youth Performing Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a superior education of music and performing arts to children in underserved communities.

Pretty Fresh is an organic food delivery service that is committed to the mission of reducing the amount of produce wasted in the US while increasing the health and overall well-being of our community.

Jacq’s Organics is an alternative product line for a growing family who specializes in all natural soaps, lotions and skin care products.

Urban Greenworks provides environmental projects and food security programming to underserved urban communities throughout South Florida.

Wisebuys Publications is a magazine that is a platform for a community of green citizens, helping them find green companies and organizations promoting green initiatives.