About what we do

Mission and Vision

Create an engaged atmosphere where green-based start-ups can successfully plan, launch, market, and grow their businesses, while simultaneously extending into the marketplace and creating positive net profits in a friendly, moral, and ethical manner.- Mission
Promote green manufacturing by offering experienced guidance to environmentally conscious and progressive start-up companies, while using the company’s model to simultaneously increase domestic entrepreneurship and act as a role model for corporate etiquette as it relates to future environmental sustainability.- Vision

Our Story

EcoTech Visions is Miami’s first green incubator and makerspace.
We assist entrepreneurs in creating, planning, and launching innovative and “green” manufacturing businesses in South Florida. More than just some business workshop, we offer high-quality business resources, maker space, office space and event space to support the development of products made with recycled materials.

We built EcoTech to provide an intense incubation experience for entrepreneurs that greatly enhances the potential for success upon launching into the market. We will launch innovative and environmentally-conscious ideas that would otherwise remain dormant and inactive due to limited resource availability.

We are undertaking the creation of the first green city in America with goals of spreading the development framework globally.  Our flagship location is within the Green corridor in Miami Florida. The Green Corridor helps focus economic development in order to encourage companies and entrepreneurs dealing with renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmentally beneficial technologies to locate within Miami-Dade County.



Passionate about nurturing businesses and promoting the green economy.


We carry out our commitment to achieve a more sustainable planet.


By working together, we are stronger and multiply our contribution. Support leads to greater success.

We’re Well Rounded

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